Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles - What's the Difference?

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Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles - What's the Difference?

So many different terms are thrown your way when you first start shopping for your renovation. 

Today, let's talk tiles. If you've made your way into a tile shop yet you would have no doubt heard the terms Porcelain & Ceramic tiles. 

So how do you tell the difference and which one should you purchase?

To start with, Porcelain clay is much denser and less porous than a ceramic clay.

This gives a Porcelain tile what is called a "thorough body composition", meaning it is considered stronger and more durable than a Ceramic Tile.

For this reason Porcelain tiles are suited for both floor and wall tiling.



However, Ceramic tiles can be better suited to wall tiles for this exact reason. As they have a less thorough body composition, they are easier to drill through when installing your fixtures. 


  Most of the porcelain tiles   on the market come with   a glazed surface. This   means they have a   coating on the top of the   tile to give it the colour/or   design. 

  Another version is a full   bodied porcelain tile.   These tiles are great for   the floor as the colour runs through the entire body of the tile. What this means is if the tile gets chipped, you are unlikely to notice the chip as much as it will be the same colour as the surface of the tile, unlike with a glazed tile. 

Some Ceramic tiles can be used on the floor, however they have to be graded for floor use in order to be able to support weight without being damaged.

Hopefully this provides you with some useful information when shopping for your tiles. Happy renovating! 


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